Executive Coaching

An Executive Coach helping women leaders boldly embody ambition that generates value for their company without neglecting their harmonious life.

Meet Selena Trotter, a savvy Executive Coach who helps women unlock their full potential and make great achievements in their professional lives. With a wealth of experience in leadership development and a unique understanding of the profound challenges facing women in leadership, Selena is an expert at guiding her clients through the coaching process, helping them to identify their strengths, set ambitious and thoughtful goals, and develop practical plans to achieve them. 

Working with an Executive Coach is a potent tool for personal and professional growth. By working closely with a Coach like Selena, women can gain a new perspective on their skills and abilities, learn to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors, and develop the confidence and competence they need to reach total capacity. Whether you’re looking to take your career to the next level, improve your relationships with colleagues, bring emotional intelligence to your colleagues,  or become a more effective leader, a partnership with Selena can help you achieve your ambitions and unlock your best future.

My Mission

Time is of the essence to see women back in equal, if not stronger numbers, in the labor market. Women need to see in themselves the answer to so many of the problems facing our society. Whatever their career, women can make an impact. When women are seen in equal numbers within a given institution, the institution advances at a quicker pace.

It is goal of Selena to help advance the cause of women who work. Women are leaders by being examples to other women of what is possible when they are putting forth the effort to advance in their field and support younger generations alongside them.

My Values

I believe in supporting women, for in doing so all of humanity progresses. Young girls need direction and guidance earlier around careers, and all women need stronger support networks to foster mentorship and development. In supporting one, the other grows.

Let’s chat

Book a complimentary coaching call to explore if executive coaching is right for you now. We create community for women trail blazers, help leaders feel greater peace, ease and joy through our Executive Coaching programs.