Getting more girls into STEM Careers Thoughts

April 4, 2023
writing women's career stories for Madam Ambition

Part of my goal in my career is to support, empower, and strengthen the women who have already made it to a finance or technical career.

But I’m spending a lot of time now thinking about how to help direct more girls into these career tracks. We do not track in this country for careers, and I think we should start doing informal tracking to help support more young girls in these fields. I’m not sure all that entails, and of course, I would be mindful of the desires of each individual. But if a girl is open to it, let’s support her and help her plan a life that will be successful in these fields.

Encouraging girls to participate in STEM careers is critical for their financial empowerment and the greater good of society. Regarding economic empowerment, STEM careers are among the highest-paying and fastest-growing fields, providing women with greater financial independence and stability. However, it is equally important that women are present in these fields to ensure that our technologies and financial services are more just and centered on creating a healthier planet rather than just benefiting a select few. By diversifying the workforce, we can bring new perspectives, ideas, and approaches to the table, leading to innovation and progress that benefits all. Women in STEM can also be role models for future generations, inspiring more girls to pursue these influential careers and creating a more equitable and just society for all.

One area that is easier said than done is to find mentors for young girls. Role models and mentorship programs are crucial for encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers. Seeing women who have succeeded in these fields can help break down stereotypes and demonstrate that these careers are accessible to anyone, regardless of gender. By providing girls with positive role models who have successfully navigated the challenges of a STEM career, they can start to see themselves in these roles and envision a path toward success. Mentorship programs can also guide and support girls interested in pursuing STEM, offering advice on coursework, internships, networking, and career opportunities. These programs can help girls develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in STEM fields and can serve as a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. By providing girls with the resources and support they need to pursue their interests in STEM, we can help create a more diverse and inclusive workforce that benefits everyone.

Another area: show the girls the actual impact of STEM careers. These career fields significantly affect the world we live in, and it is essential to highlight this impact to encourage girls to pursue these fields. STEM careers play a crucial role in shaping our future, from designing and building more sustainable technologies to developing new medical treatments and improving communication and transportation systems. Having women’s voices and perspectives in these spaces is vital to ensuring that these advancements are made in a way that benefits everyone. Women bring unique perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table that can lead to more innovative and equitable solutions. By increasing diversity in STEM fields, we can create better products and industries designed with everyone’s needs and experiences in mind. Encouraging more women to pursue STEM careers is not only beneficial for women themselves but for society as a whole.

I was talking to a client recently about how boring her career in finance was. And I get it; some parts might not be the most exciting task if you’re a thrill seeker. STEM careers involve much more than just crunching numbers and staring at spreadsheets. These fields require creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to develop new solutions to complex problems. Whether designing and building new technologies, creating innovative medical treatments, or developing sustainable energy solutions, STEM careers offer exciting opportunities to make a difference in the world. By highlighting the creativity and problem-solving involved in STEM fields, we can help girls see the excitement and potential of these careers. This can inspire them to pursue their STEM interests and see themselves as capable of making a real impact on the world. STEM careers are changing our world, and their influence is felt in every aspect of our lives. By encouraging girls to pursue these careers, we can help create a more diverse and inclusive workforce poised to tackle future challenges.