What is the purpose of Executive Coaching?

April 18, 2023
What is the purpose of executive coaching for women?

What is the purpose of executive coaching for women in particular?

Executive coaching is when an experienced and trained professional coach works one-on-one with an individual or in groups, usually high-level executives or managers, to help them develop and improve their skills, leadership abilities, and overall performance. The coach serves as a guide and sounding board, providing feedback, advice, and support to help the executive achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles that may be standing in their way.

I got into Executive Coaching specifically to help women as my contribution to society. During 2020, when I was personally suffering – though knowingly not as much as others – I read this article in the Huffington Post called The Women Are Not Ok.

I connected with it, was more angry, and decided to be part of some solution. I started with what resonated the most with my community: women’s careers. My personal mission was to help bring more information about how women go about finding their careers and what they have found to work for them. To be fair, very few people who were working mothers had nothing close to something that “worked for them” during those days. Listening to these women helped me understand that women needed a cheerleader in their corner to help them find their careers as well as be successful at it. And I wanted to be that, as an Executive Coach. In all the things I have done in my life. Nothing has brought me as much joy as connecting with women and supporting them. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother of three young girls that I see the importance of this work, but I think it’s just because I wish I had had it too.

The importance of executive coaching in a person’s career advancement lies in the unique opportunity for individuals to receive personalized attention and guidance from an experienced coach who profoundly understands the challenges and complexities of their particular industry or field. By working with an executive coach, individuals can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies and skills to overcome any obstacles holding them back.

The purpose of executive coaching is vital for those seeking to advance in their careers, as it can provide them with the tools and support they need to navigate their industry’s complex and competitive landscape. And in particular, for women, it has the added benefit of building community support around their careers. By working with an executive coach, individuals can develop the leadership and communication skills they need to succeed in higher-level roles, build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders, and gain the confidence and clarity they need to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

Overall, executive coaching is essential for women serious about advancing their careers and achieving their goals. One issue that EC can help mitigate due to the outsider perspective is gender bias. Gender bias in the workplace refers to the systemic and societal biases that favor men over women in hiring, promotion, compensation, and other aspects of the workplace. Despite the progress made, and perhaps also due to the experience of the past several years, women continue to face significant challenges in the workplace, including gender stereotypes, lack of representation in leadership positions, and pay inequity. These biases can make it more difficult for women to advance in their careers and achieve their goals. As a result, women often need extra support, such as executive coaching, to help them navigate these challenges and overcome the inherent bias in the systems and people in positions of power.

By working with a coach, women can get some perspective, knowledge, skills, and support needed to thrive in workplaces that men often dominate. Are you interested in seeking more support for your career? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Madam Ambition Executive Coaching. Contact us here.