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Hi, I’m Selena Trotter,

your Executive Coach

Selena is the founder of Madam Ambition, a resource to help share the stories of women’s careers paths. She is also an Executive Coach to Trailblazing women. Selena has a passion for helping women succeed, which she developed from her own experiences as an entrepreneur, corporate, public, and non-profit work, as well as being a mother of three daughters.

Selena understands that advancing the cause of women to bring about socio-economic justice for more communities globally requires the engagement of both men and women. She is committed to working collaboratively with all genders to create inclusive environments in business and society where everyone can thrive.

“Becoming is better than being”

            — Dr. Carol S Dweck, PhD, Columbia University

Executive Coaching

  • Executive coaching for individuals who want to make a change in their work lives, who seek success in their careers and to help their companies grow
  • Coaching services that provide you with practical skills while also bespoke services to help you advance
  • We specialize in working with executives to help overcome current problems and achieve their ambitions
  • Our 6-month contract provides the necessary time and commitment to see real results – We work one-on-one so we can focus on your specific needs and wants
  • We offer group support to build communities of support from different perspectives to help others develop together

Women’s Career Stories

Tejal Shah – Global Investment Banker & Venture Builder

Tejal Shah – Global Investment Banker & Venture Builder

Meet Tejal Shah, Mechanical Engineer, finance, sales, and operations master. She is an International Investment Banker at US Capital out of San Francisco. Recently expanding their West Coast operations with her expertise, she has hit the ground running, expanding...

Rochelle Gorey – FinTech Founder of SpringFour

Rochelle Gorey – FinTech Founder of SpringFour

Introducing Rochelle Gorey, the mastermind behind SpringFour, a fintech company with a social impact committed to empowering individuals and families facing financial difficulties. With a background in the financial services industry and an unwavering determination to...

Amy Schultz – Co-Founder of Bolder Money

Amy Schultz – Co-Founder of Bolder Money

Financial guidance is important for everyone,  but not always accessible. Millions of Americans are disqualified from working with financial advisors because they lack investable assets, and they are left not knowing where to turn for wealth-building guidance that...

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“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”                               – Brené Brown